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Living in Perth means you get a lot of visitors. Venturing from far and wide, they come for the beautiful coastline, stunning weather and local produce. Having had a lot of visitors since I moved here three years ago, I have come up with my Perth Travel Guide.

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What's On: December '14

November was a whirlwind of events, fun and laughter but today we begin the last month of the year; December. I cannot believe we're almost through 2014, soon to begin 2015!

So what is on in December:

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Tens, an uplifting tint on life

Imagine if everyday life could have a Valencia-esque tint (an Instagram reference, if you weren't aware) and everywhere you looked made you smile. Well Tens sunglasses does just that.

When I first put them on driving, I couldn't stop grinning. The dull freeway turned into a warmly lit dream road and the industrial buildings on either side looked like award-winning photos ready to be shot. Everywhere I looked was beautiful.

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A Beauty Minute with Mettā Skincare

When Anca, the founder of Mettā Skincare, asked me to try her line of natural products, I knew it was my kind of skincare. Using 100% natural ingredients and created with environmental and social consciousness in mind, Mettā left my skin feeling amazing.

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Cities that have left a lasting impression

I have travelled my fair share of places around the world, but only a handful of cities have left a lasting impression on me. For some of these cities, it's the way the light hits the side of an old stone building in the city square, or how the locals laugh and carry on in a language that is foreign to me but I somehow understand every word they are saying. Or when you get that feeling that you have visited a place before, but you never actually have.

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RAW Perth

Last month I attended RAW Perth at the Bakery. With the vibe of a mini festival, RAW is an international arts organisation promoting emerging movers and shakers in their field. Now held in over 60 countries, RAW's festivities are unlike any other event on the calendar.

Guests at RAW Perth were in for an eclectic mix of cool art, music and fashion by a selection of homegrown talents -- visual artists, musicians, performance artists, fashion and accessory designers, hair stylists and makeup artists -- all coming together for a wildly diverse night.

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Darlings Supper Club

There's a new kid in town and he's pretty darn cool.

Darlings Supper Club, an asian inspired eatery, has opened its doors in Northbridge, Perth. Operating seven days a week, from 3pm until 3am, Darlings is just what the city needs. With other eateries closing their kitchens as early as 8:30pm, it has brought much-needed late-night snacking to Perth.

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